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Glossary of Terms

Definitions for industry and technical terms.

Aero-Derivative Turbine - An industrial gas turbine. The design of which is derived from aerospace turbines, generally between 10-50 megawatts.

Brownfield - An existing onshore or offshore facility, e.g. 'brownfield modification' is an upgrade to an existing facility.

Clean Fuel - Fuel that has been modified such that, on combustion, it produces lower emissions.

Compliant Piled Tower (CPT) - A bottom-founded structure viable for installation in water depths to 3,000 feet.

Debottlenecking - The process of increasing the production capacity of existing facilities through the modification of existing equipment to remove throughput restrictions.

Decommissioning - The process for removal of a plant or piece of equipment from an operational state.

Downstream - The processing, refining and distribution of oil & gas.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) - The stage of design between concept evaluation and detailed design during which the chosen concept is developed such that most key decisions can be taken. Output of FEED includes estimate of total installed cost and schedule.

Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO) - A floating tank system designed to receive oil or gas produced from a nearby platform, process it, and store it until the oil or gas can be offloaded, or sent through a pipeline. They are typically used in deeper waters and often in conjunction with subsea facilities.

Greenfield - A new field development requiring new facilities, either onshore or offshore.

Heavy Industrial Gas Turbine - A gas turbine with a power level generally greater than 50 megawatts.

Light Industrial Gas Turbine - A gas turbine with a power level generally less than 10 megawatts.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - A natural gas that is liquefied under extremely cold temperatures and high pressures to facilitate storage or transportation in specially designed vessels.

LNG Regasification - The process where LNG is reheated and turned into gas.

Midstream - Industry activities that fall between exploration & production (upstream) and refining & marketing (downstream). Usually refers to the storage and transportation of oil & gas, but in some cases describes the further processing of oil & gas from upstream processing facilities to allow for storage and transportation (see LNG).

PSi (Pounds per Square Inch) - A unit of measurement of pressure.

Subsea Tiebacks - A method of connecting new discoveries to existing production facilities, improving the economics of offshore oil & gas production.

Topsides - The surface deck of a platform containing oil & gas drilling, production and processing equipment.

Upgrade Projects - Various projects that are undertaken both onshore and offshore to upgrade or replace the existing facilities to ensure continued production over a long period of time.

Upstream - The development and production of oil and gas.

Water Injection - The process where water is injected back into the oil reservoir to maintain or increase pressure and stimulate production.