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Flow Assurance

Wood Group is a global provider of flow assurance consulting services.

Paraffins, asphaltenes, and hydrates can cause significant, even catastrophic, operational issues.

Flow Assurance chartBy combining industry-standard software with proprietary pre- and post-processing packages, we are able to assess key fluid parameters, such as hydrate performance, wax behaviour and erosion, to help keep your pipelines, wells and facilities flowing smoothly. We can tell you what samples you need, what tests to run, what those tests mean and how to develop solutions.

Wood Group provides flow assurance consulting services for transient multiphase simulation, dynamic topsides and process modeling, detailed thermal and hydraulic analysis and solids deposition reporting.

We provide technical support and project management for the following flow assurance activities:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Hook-up and commissioning
  • Operational troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking
  • Software systems implementation
  • Asset expansion and abandonment

Flow assurance solutions

Our flow assurance and consulting services include the following:

  • Oversight/management of flow assurance laboratory work
  • Independent third-party design validation/quality control
  • Working interest representation
  • Transient & steady-state pipeline simulation for single-phase & multiphase operations
  • Analysis & evaluation of flow assurance issues
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis
  • Dynamics process modeling & simulation
  • Finite element modeling
  • Thermodynamics modeling
  • Lab measurement interpretation & modeling
  • Technology field-testing

Pioneering technology

Our professionals have pioneered many innovative uses of advanced technology, including the first transient 3D heat-transfer analysis of buried multiphase pipelines, the first, and now, largest actively heated bundle system, the longest black oil subsea tie-back in the US Gulf of Mexico, installations of robust monitoring and closed-loop control systems for complex multiphase networks (including the longest subsea gas pipeline in the world), and the identification and mitigation of flow assurance issues for ultra deepwater and extended subsea tieback applications.