Where decommissioning meets entrepreneurship

Nigel Lees, decommissioning director for Wood Group PSN discusses the huge opportunity represented by decommissioning in the 50th anniversary edition of Robert Gordon University’s Aberdeen Business Journal.

Nigel says: “Whilst the success of traditional entrepreneurial activities is usually measured in terms of performance and profit, I would argue that the strategy for decommissioning must be set much more in the context of social entrepreneurship, where the positive return to society and the achievement of appropriate environmental solutions are considered as part of the overall success criteria.

“Certainly, from a Wood Group perspective, our Core Values of social and financial responsibility cause us to look at decommissioning as part of our unwavering commitment to playing a key role in the stewardship of this industry. We’re focused on working with clients, governments, the supply chain and wider stakeholders to develop a sustainable and appropriate vision and framework for decommissioning.”

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