Wood Group PSN Brazil achieves two-year safety milestone

Wood Group PSN Brazil achieved a safety milestone by reaching two years with no lost time incidents.

By instilling a 24/7-focus on safety, starting each day with a focus on safe practices and encouraging people to continue that focus all through the day and on to home, our Brazil team is celebrating two years without a lost time injury.

This safety achievement was a collective effort by Wood Group PSN team members in our MacaƩ and Rio de Janeiro offices and across all our contracts.

Marco Guadagnini, Wood Group PSN Brazil HSE manager, explains: "It is clear to me that this milestone is the result of our efforts in making safety a constant focus each day. However, it is not a protective shield against accidents. “We have worked hard to achieve this result, but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow we won’t have an accident. What protects us from unsafe practices are our attitudes and not the statistics. We start each day thinking about safety and how to be safe the entire day, and then repeat that focus seven days of the week (at work and at home). By making this mindset a constant in our lives, we will be celebrating another two years without lost time incidents... and another two and so on."