Integrating DAS with EMIS – Key Concepts and Considerations

Philip Black, environmental practice lead at Wood Group Mustang, will be discussing the advantages of integrating real time data acquisition, validation and substitution systems with environmental management information systems (EMIS) with an emphasis on CEMS availability monitoring and comprehensive integration of operating data, at the EUEC 2016 conference in San Diego, California, on 4 February.

Philip will use the concept of data life cycle to identify the benefit of a paired-systems approach that cannot be achieved by traditional methods. The presentation will address data integration challenges, how to most efficiently meet the regulatory requirements using the strengths of each system to ensure long-term success.

Philip and his co-presenter, Greg J. Gasperecz, senior vice president, EH&S at Enviance, Inc., will be presenting on 4 February, from 10:00 – 12:00 in the Operations and Management Track.