Love for Lane

What happens when Wood Group employees hear of a six-year-old boy with leukemia and a dream? Miracle makers voluntarily come together to fundraise and make a difference.

Meet Lane Rex. He is the brave, courageous, strong and big-hearted grandson of Tim Evans, a piping designer for Wood Group in the Park Ten area, and the cousin of Casey Riddle, a cost analyst for Wood Group-Deer Park.

By looking at him now, you would never know Lane has been battling cancer for almost two years.  He has pre-b cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with MLL gene rearrangement. If that’s not already scary enough, this is his treatment plan: he takes oral chemo medication daily. While most kids his age put up a fight over a vitamin, Lane takes approximately 40 pills per week, and one week out of every month, he has to take 75 pills. His oncologist calls him her “miracle kid.” Lane has been poked, prodded and procedured in a valiant battle against leukemia for 22 months at Texas Children’s Cancer Center (TCCC). And every time a child is poked, prodded and procedured, they get to visit the toy closet at TCCC.

For his birthday this year, Lane set out on a mission - a “birthday mission” -  to replenish the woefully depleted toy closet at TCCC. Rather than receiving toys for his birthday, his wish was to give toys so that when the other kids visit the closet they would have an abundance of new, exciting toys to choose from.

When Deer Park’s Courtney Bush heard of his birthday wish, she brought it to coworker, Andréa deCento, and they put their heads together to find a way to implement a grassroots major funds-generating competition. Considering Lane was a miniature superhero, missing his two front teeth, Andréa had the perfect fundraiser in mind. She quickly began a search for seven superheroes willing to participate with the plan. Money would be collected across the Park Ten and Deer Park offices and the superhero with the most donated in their name would dress up as a tooth fairy for the day!

Superheroes Brad Bonnette, Jane Buchanan, Mark House, Larry Perkins, Troy Reynolds, Rick Rhoten and Chris Riggs stepped up to the challenge. It was a close contest, but at the very end Chris Riggs earned the honor of flying high for the little front-toothless do-gooder. The Love for Lane campaign generated over $3,000 – of which $1,800 will be used to install interactive wall toys in six of the children’s waiting room clinics at TCCC, and the remaining was used to purchase plenty of new toys to fill the closet at TCCC. On July 17, Lane was surprised with a room full of toys surrounded by very generous and joyful Wood Group employees, including the brave tooth fairy – better known as Chris.

Lane’s treatment is projected to continue until December 2018, but for his sixth birthday, Wood Group employees were able to give some love and joy to this little superhero and other cancer patients at TCCC.