Wood Group Captures AFPM Awards for Contractor Safety at Three Celanese sites

Celanese Corporation, a global chemical technology and specialties materials company, manufactures a broad range of products for the chemical processing, construction, adhesives and other industries. For more than a decade, Wood Group has provided project management, engineering services and construction coordination for numerous infrastructure enhancements and plant expansions at five Celanese chemical processing complexes: Narrows, Virginia; Enoree, South Carolina; and Bay City, Pasadena (Clear Lake plant), and Bishop, Texas.

Recently, Wood Group received the Contractor Safety Achievement Award for its work at three of the facilities—Narrows, Pasadena and Bishop—in 2016.  The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers’ Association (AFPM), which represents companies producing more than 97% of the nation’s refining capacity as well as a large portion of America’s petrochemical production, presented the award.

The criteria for award selection was rigorous and difficult to meet.  To be eligible, a participant company had to work at least 20,000 man-hours at each facility.  The award focused on three areas:

  • Safety and Health Metrics – Reducing the total recordable incident rate (TRIR)
  • Safety Participation – Implementing reporting procedures, forums and safety initiatives
  • Safety Training – Involving all employees in continual training both on site and online

Wood Group’s Alliance HSSEA Coordinator, Paul McMillian, emphasized, “Safety is our top priority.  Our team of approximately 100 at the three Celanese locations is dedicated to a continual safety emphasis and improvement, and excelled in all three of the award categories.   We have a very close relationship with Celanese leadership and plant personnel, and, together, we align our rigorous programs to keep our personnel incident-free, protect the environment, and help maintain a safe community in which we work.”

Scott Burt, who manages our relationship with Celanese, further explained, “This is an outstanding achievement, especially being accomplished at three separate locations. It is indicative of our commitment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.”