Our well-established technical skills are driving innovation in industrial sectors, our business across a range of services.
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The industrial sector underpins our growth. From a decade of acquisitions we have built a complementary portfolio of capabilities servicing the industrial sector.

The majority of our support is focused on upstream offshore assets but our diversified services are delivered across midstream, downstream, onshore processing and infrastructure.

We bring our high safety and quality standards from the oil and gas industry and apply them to delivering tailored technical services to the industrial sectors. We support the design and optimisation of new assets and provide a comprehensive range of core and specialist services for operations, maintenance, asset integrity, and brownfield modifications.

Our priority is to optimise the performance of the assets we serve. Across the range of industrial sectors this means this case it means maximising uptime, reducing costs and extending useful life. Over the past decade we have invested heavily in enhancing our skills and capabilities to ensure our customers in the industrial sector receive the best service possible.

Around the world our service mix is tailored to local requirements, drawing on our broad range of skills across the industrial sectors. We adapt our offering to the needs of the region and the requirements of our customers, blending a range of capabilities with a strong underlying culture that brings you dependable support from global expertise delivered through local resources.

Our services cover a broad range of sectors, from marine to manufacturing, and from chemicals to construction.

In the US we provide a full range of project services to the process and manufacturing sector. We are able to support the whole project life-cycle from design and engineering through to construction and optimisation.

For over 19 years we have provided operations and maintenance services to the Australian water sector, drawing on our experience in oil and gas to drive safety and production improvements in our water contracts.

In Europe our industrial services team is undertaking all of the surface preparation and painting work on the two new aircraft carriers being constructed for the Royal Navy; HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. 

We have been providing quality engineering and project management services to construction projects for governments and development funds in the Middle East for over 30 years.

The Chemicals sector is growing rapidly in Asia. Our Singapore team is supporting this growth through the provision of maintenance services.

Beyond oil and gas we continue to expand the range of technical services we offer, leveraging  our cross-sector experience to use ours learnings in one sector to innovate in others.