Oil & Gas

The industry that built our reputation, the energy market accounts for a significant portion of our business.

The majority of our support is focused on upstream offshore assets but our diversified services are delivered across midstream, downstream, onshore processing and infrastructure.

We understand both sides of the investment cycle, delivering high quality engineering services to support the design and development of new assets and providing a comprehensive range of core and specialist services for operations, maintenance and brownfield modifications.

With oil and gas, as with any industry, our priority is to get the very best from the assets we serve. In this case it means maximising productivity, reducing costs and extending life. We have an exemplary track record in the highly competitive UK market, widespread experience in the key US energy regions both on and offshore, rounded out with strong knowledge of all the main global centres for exploration and production.

Around the world our service mix is different, we tailor our offering to the needs of the region and the requirements of our customers, blending a range of capabilities with a strong underlying culture that brings you dependable support from global expertise delivered through local resources.

In the US we are connecting the key energy regions right across the continent to deliver a full scope onshore service that spans upstream, midstream and downstream projects and even pushes into end use through industrial and commercial delivery. We have designed topsides for some of the largest, deepest and lightest platforms in the world and operate them from Northern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

In the North Sea we continue to support the maturing energy market, as forty-year veterans of this arena we are helping new entrants to understand the market and develop an operating presence even as we prepare other facilities for decommissioning.

Our projects in Africa created the model for local development which we have replicated all over the world, setting the standards for training and safety performance and empowering communities to maximise their potential.

Facilities in the Middle East are constantly pushing the boundaries for production and performance. We are proud to be supporting facilities and infrastructure with skilled manpower and services.

We have developed many new techniques through problem solving in the hugely challenging environment of Russia; including solutions for ultra-low temperature operations, ice loading and structural problems.

Our business in Australia has broken new ground in many areas; home to some of the largest offshore developments in recent years and leading the way in utilities performance.