Integrated Maintenance Database

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The Integrated Maintenance Database (IMD) provides real-time, quality data that adds significant value to maintenance management processes.

Security of data is assured and the risks involved in traditional processes are engineered out to deliver greater efficiency, quality and overall operational effectiveness.

Benefits of IMD

  • Optimises maintenance management processes
  • Delivers quality data
  • Reduces errors
  • Analyses, validates and cleanses data to meet company or best practice standards
  • Does not require any additional IT infrastructure

Features of IMD

  • Multi-user and multi-site software
  • Data stored securely in the cloud
  • Customised levels of access
  • Tailored to suit individual requirements
  • Rapid QA of data
  • Compatible with existing systems and processes
  • Ease of access via internet connection
  • Multiple options for data review
  • Versions of the IMD include SAP, Maximo and Agility

How it works

The IMD is made up of interconnected modules, with the data stored securely in the cloud. Appropriate user roles grant customised levels of access to ensure security and integrity of data.

It allows the creation and manipulation of hierarchical equipment lists (Functional Locations and Assets), Job Tasks, Task Lists, Job Plans, Object Lists, BOMs, Routes and PMs. Unlike larger commercial CMMS systems, the IMD allows the bulk-building of Planned Maintenance and the ability to copy Job Plans, Routes and Job Tasks, making maintenance development fast and flexible.

The IMD can be tailored to suit your requirements with additional fields, functionality and even customised applications. Using 'LookAhead', the maintenance schedule and resources can be levelled prior to transfer to the client.