Operational Readiness

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Wood Group’s Operational Readiness services bring a structured approach to developing, executing and assessing specific pre-operations activities. 

Our consultants work directly with client teams to ensure safe construction, start up, management and decommissioning of the facility.


  • Operational readiness planning and budgeting
  • Operational input to project design and build
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Organisation and manning, including training and competency
  • Systems and procedures for operations, maintenance, integrity, safety and logistics
  • Information management requirements
  • Performance Principles and objectives
  • Operational flexibility and risk mitigation

We consider factors such as environment, resources, logistics and design features that affect the level and performance of maintenance on equipment to optimise your routines and help you get the best from your investment.

Keys to Success

To ensure success, the Operational Readiness process must be:

  • Detailed, easily understood and repeatable
  • Built around 'core' performance principles
  • Supported by Project Managers and Strategic Business Units
  • Guided by an experienced Operations representative early in the project
  • Fully Integrated into the project