Intelligent operations

Wood Group’s automation and control intelligent operations provide advanced software, manufacturing operations management and manufacturing execution systems.
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Wood Group’s automation and control intelligent operations provide complete solutions in the following major areas:

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Wood Group’s manufacturing and execution team transform operating data into actionable information with vender-independent technology in areas such as data historians, lab information systems and blending systems.  Our implementation experience mean customers are assured they will have the most effective and efficient solutions to solve business challenges. We support our customers in the complete life cycle implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES) solutions to bridge the gap between production operations and higher level business systems.

Environmental Monitoring

Our process, integration and infrastructure solutions enhance environmental compliance by optimising air emissions monitoring and reporting processes. We deliver solutions that save you time and money from the field to the control room and into the board room. Wood Group offer its commercially available ENVision™ software product to assist your environmental and operational staff monitor air emissions in real-time and reduce the reporting burden.

Supply Chain

Our proprietary intelligence operations software optimises the supply chains of continuous manufacturing plants using its next generation production planning and scheduling software called ProPlan and ProSched.

ProPlan allows the user to build a flowsheet simulation using pre-built models based on empirical correlations. These can be configured and modified easily by the user. Furthermore the model can be optimised using the powerful lindo linear programming (LP) and non-linear programming (NLP) algorithms allowing the user to optimise their assets.

ProSched allows the user to convert the optimized plan to a realistic schedule using the flow sheet capability of the software to model feedstock, operations and dispatch scheduling and incorporate what-if scenarios such as change in feedstock, tank farm management or out of service equipment.

ProPlan and ProSched are fully integrated, allowing the user to seamlessly switch from one mode to the other and use the planning model to build on the scheduling model.

Intelligence Operations Simulation and Training

Our full suite of intelligence operations products to support our customers simulation, training and learning needs across the full oil and gas industry with extension to chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, power and other continuous process industries. Our simulation software solutions include:

VP Link is a dynamic representation of a chemical process to an offline control system that read output as well as calculating the virtual process state using hybrid process modeling.

Virtuoso® is a field-proven suite of software products used for engineering studies, operator training and real-time simulation for wells, pipelines and other upstream processing facility operations.

ProDyn is based on rigorous dynamic process simulation models for custom plant specific training and comes with a large library of pre-built generic models. The training competency management system includes cloud or server based software for operator training simulator (OTS) software.

We provide full training and support and supplement this with our e-learning ProLearn software.

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Advanced process controls improve the operation of production processes through optimisation of complex interactions. We design multivariable interaction models utilising proven APC software to maximise profits, increase capacity, and provide operating efficiencies. Read more

Remote Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Our monitoring systems help enterprises ensure optimised operations using its proprietary Cloud or server based software called ProRPM for real time or remote performance monitoring (RPM). ProRPM provides integration with disparate plant data sources such as historian, control systems, database systems and provides work flows and connectors to Wood Group’s proprietary simulation packages and industry leading process simulation and modelling software. Users can configure their own calculations and visualise their data in dashboards using pre-built widgets and templates for equipment monitoring, energy monitoring, profitability, productivity and process monitoring. With the integration of simulation and modelling systems and ease of configuration, users can determine how their plant is performing (actual) and how it should be performing (ideal). Role based access allows executives and operators to use the drill down approach to track their assets.

Process solutions and flow assurance services

We deliver a comprehensive engineering analysis capability in the areas of flow assurance, dynamic process simulation, computational fluid dynamics, production chemistry and integrated production modelling.   We support our customers with proprietary technology as well as a broad range of industry accepted software applications.  We can provide resources for engineering studies and technical support for the full project life cycle including concept and feasibility work, front end design, detailed design, operating guidelines, operational optimisation, and increase production. Read more

Industries served

  • Chemicals and polymers
  • Consumer products
  • Food and beverage
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Other continuous process industries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power
  • Refining
  • Upstream and downstream oil and gas

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