Automation and control manufacturing project services

Automation and control manufacturing services: concept development, project management, control design, control panels, safety systems, drive and servo systems.
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Wood Group offers a complete range of services to support the development of process systems at any stage in the project lifecycle. Our services include:

Concept development

We’re highly skilled engineers with years of industry experience – but what really sets us apart from our competitors is our creativity.

We work across a broad spectrum of industries, from materials handling to pharmaceutical. This gives us a unique perspective and allows us to think out of the box to develop your solution. We develop functional design specifications, and select the best possible system for our customers out of the wide range of solutions available to us. We give impartial, independent advice and go through a rigorous process to ensure absolute excellence, tailored to your business and specific needs. During this stage we look at technical feasibility, financial and commercial viability and high level functional design leading to FEED (front end engineering design) studies.

Project management

Our dedicated team of project managers are adept at organising complex tasks across multiple industries – and even countries – simultaneously. With Prince 2 certified personnel, fully integrated commercial management and tracking tools and video conferencing suites at key operating locations, we are able to manage your project, every step of the way.
We use integrated Microsoft Project Server management tools and top-of-the-range tracking equipment to ensure costs are controlled accurately at all times.

Low voltage control design

We think intelligently. As specialists in bespoke systems, delivering and distributing large-scale control solutions is something we do every day. From skillet systems to robotics, air handling to fuel management, our breadth of experience makes us a sound choice, whichever sector you operate in. We use a wide range of software packages including Autocad, Exelec, E-plan, RS Wire and Promis.E. We are fast-moving, and particularly good at connecting different pieces of intelligent material to each other, and of course whatever we develop you can be assured it meets international standards of design and safety.

Control panels

Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, our assembly teams produce high quality control panels for a diverse range of applications. We provide electrical control systems for a wide range of national and international clients. Along with control panel assembly, our skilled personnel also produce robotic cell control panels and automated manufacturing systems.
Our modular assembly process and methodology can be flexed depending on the volume and scope of your requirements. Quality and speed are key for every project we carry out: we are committed to delivering singular build or multi-batch projects on time and within budget, regardless of design origin. Everything we produce is rigorously tested for functionality, workmanship and adherence to both build standards and customer specifications.
With a culture of continuous improvement driven by Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen techniques and enriched by an active Panel Shop Forum that empowers and encourages personal development and innovation, our manufacturing methods and processes are continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Safety systems

Across the diverse range of environments we work in, one thing is key: safety. This applies to the machine control systems we install and even more importantly, to the people who operate them. It means that rigorous measures are necessary to ensure that our systems never default to an unsafe state – so we ensure all of our team members are experienced in designing and delivering high quality machine based safety solutions that conform to the very latest standards such as IEC 13849.

We have a dedicated team of engineers, who specialise in optimising our products to match your needs. They are fully trained in personnel safety.  We currently use a mixture of the following products in our machine safety systems:

  • Guard Logix
  • Pilz PSS 300
  • PSS 400
  • Multisafe
  • Sistema
  • ASI Safe
  • Sick PLS
  • Siemens SET Tool
  • Profisafe

Drive and servo systems

We control motors with absolute precision. We have the capability to provide solutions of any size and scale – from fractional to large power drives. Experts in closed loop control and load sharing, we analyse your needs, creating energy-efficient and cost-reducing solutions to maximise efficiency.

PLC software solutions

Power is important – but it must be supported by intelligent thinking. Our software skills make us stand out from the crowd. Software systems are the brains behind an operation – supporting your business to ensure it runs smoothly, helping you meet operational deadlines and budgets.
We optimise our engineering processes to produce large-scale automation solutions. Our teams are experienced in writing software to support the wide range of industries we work within – and making it easy for our clients to understand and manage them. And we don’t just leave you to it once the software solution is in place. We are always on hand to test new scenarios and help you maximise business efficiencies.


In our high-pressure, fast-paced environment, simulation is an essential part of any project. Not only does it eliminate risk, it also reduces precious set-up time on site. We have a dedicated team of simulation engineers with rich and varied applications experience.

Once the software for your programme has been written, we create a virtual model to show you exactly how our solution will work, using programs such as Robcad, Siemens NX and WinMod.
This is something that distinguishes us from or competitors, and gives you ultimate peace of mind before having a solution installed – or whenever they want to modify an existing system.
We find that including simulation as a key part of our project process reduces installation time by up to 75% – meaning you can get back to business straight away.

SCADA and MIS systems

Our experienced software engineers install intelligent systems to monitor and manage the performance of your business. Using packages such as MS Visual Studio and Database SQL, we apply proven templates or ground-up design to discover the best solution for you.
Our structured, personalised SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and MIS (management information systems) can be delivered in their own right, or as part of a larger turnkey customer solution, to monitor your enterprise’s functioning and productivity.
This means absolute clarity for everyone, from your operators to the executive board.
Our experience in SCADA library integration, on-site communication tools, server-client systems and M2M data logging allows us to offer the best solution to suit your business.


We design, test, commission and support robotic cells in a variety of applications in automated manufacturing and distribution environments. The entire process is covered – from design and simulation to offline programming, commissioning and then service.  We use advanced software such as Robcad Tecnomatix and Process Simulate.  Solutions are scalable and will fully integrate core technologies for a wide range of applications.

Automation concepts are fully proven in terms of feasibility and performance before investment bringing benefits of reduced manufacturing costs, improved production quality, the eradication of costly design errors and accelerated time to market.

Our sophisticated software generates a virtual model of a factory or handling system prior to installation, allowing our PLC and robot programmers to generate high quality, right first time control software. We are able to work with robots from a range of manufacturers and the robot paths.  Once programmed virtually in 3D, can be downloaded directly into the robots on site, drastically reducing programming times.


The installation of your automation and control system is delivered with precision – safely, smoothly and on time.

Project management

Our dedicated project managers take you from initial concept to project completion, and control every last detail with confidence and precision.


Detailed analysis and thorough testing at every stage of a project giving you complete confidence in everything we do.  This is down to a combination of experience, skill and quality of materials – but it’s also supported by our rigorous testing processes, validated externally with accreditation and by our quality manager.


Two vital components when installing any automation system are skill and experience.  Everything we do is managed precisely, saving time and ensuring accuracy.  We work within harsh industrial environments across the diverse range of industries and are adept in minimising disruption and boosting efficiency.  Safety is a top priority for Wood Group and we conform and adhere to the latest regulations and undergo regular training.


Our dedicated on-site teams work to get your systems up-and-running as quickly as possible and, if necessary, your operational staff trained in the minimum of time.