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Bespoke power solutions to operate your systems.
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With intelligent monitoring systems designed for every level of your business, we give you the power to make your operations safer and smoother, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Medium voltage distribution switchgear

With complete ranges of both fully withdrawable and fixed vacuum circuit breakers available, we are able to offer the ideal solution with KEMA-certified vacuum circuit breakers for distribution suite and feeder applications.

Medium voltage motor control centres

Our considerable design experience is incorporated into our versatile medium voltage motor control centres. We can include any combination of incoming sections, individual starters and outgoing feeders. Incoming isolator/circuit breaker sections may include metering and protection, while starters incorporate individual door interlocked isolation or are fully withdrawable. Distribution circuit breaker sections can also be provided to suit system requirements. Busbars are rated for the required load and braced to withstand the relevant fault level of the system.

Medium voltage metering and termination panels

With a full range of specialist metering and terminal boxes, our solutions can satisfy most power applications including generator flexible to steel-wired armoured arrangements.

Both standard and contract-specific arrangements are available for 415V/3.3kV/6.6kV and 11kV applications. Wall, floor or frame mounted enclosures are available with either lockable or bolted front covers. Construction can be of CR4 or stainless steel with ingress protection up to IP55.

Our experienced team of engineers can take care of the requirements of any specific application.

Medium voltage local isolation panels

Our local isolation units provide the means by which operators, who may not be electrical personnel, can safely switch off and isolate a machine without needing to access the switch room.

The local isolation unit (LIU) is local to the machine so the operator is in full control of the isolation, independent of access to the main unit.

Medium and low voltage refurbishments and extensions

Our in-depth knowledge, experience and site work capability enable us to undertake both simple and complex upgrades, refurbishments or extensions of existing equipment and installations involving 415V to 33kV with current ratings to 4000A and above.

Upgrading your existing equipment – using existing cabinets, cabling and so on – can be a cost-effective way forward, increasing the production, throughput and life expectancy of the installation. Replacing outdated switchgear and control equipment with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly system also facilitates routine maintenance and fault finding.

We have a number of intelligent solutions for connecting existing equipment into data collection/building management systems. In each case, we undertake an inspection of the existing installation and make recommendations on the most cost-effective solution.

Neutral earthing resistor panels

Neutral earthing resistor panels for systems up to 19000 Volts.

We provide this speciality product with switched connections for multi-generator systems. Isolator and contactor systems are available, with fully isolated compartments to allow maintenance to be carried out on specific units whilst other generators are in service.

Specially designed star-point-creating Zig Zag transformers can also be incorporated into our equipment if required.

Turnkey package solutions

Our dedicated team of engineers will create the best possible system, tailored to the specific needs of the business. With a range that features medium voltage distribution switchgear, oil and dry type transformers, medium voltage cabling, medium voltage motor starting, low voltage distribution, low voltage motor control centres and associated PLC/SCADA packages – including all associated site work and commissioning – we can tailor the optimal solution to meet your requirements.

We allocate dedicated project managers to ensure schemes are delivered on time and within budget. They are adept at organising complex tasks across multiple industries – and even countries – simultaneously. With Prince 2 certified personnel, fully integrated commercial management and tracking tools and video conferencing suites at key operating locations, we are able to manage your project every step of the way.

Containerised substations

Our containerised and portable solutions provide exceptional quality and reliability for high-current load centres in a variety of industry sectors.

Our naturally ventilated package substations are fully compliant with both IEC 62271-200 and IEC 60439/IEC 61439 standards and certified for temperature rise, short circuit withstand strength and arc protection as required.

Low voltage distribution switchgear

Our low voltage switchboards are designed and constructed to achieve the highest standards of technical performance with the lowest possible operational costs. Our systems are IEC 61439-compliant, and fully type tested, to give you total peace of mind.

Low voltage motor control centres

We are experienced in the successful implementation of low voltage motor control centres in a wide range of industries. Our versatile Power 2000/6000 systems accommodate fixed or withdrawable motor control centres (MCCs) that are designed to meet demanding applications, with busbars rated for the load and braced to withstand the fault level of the system. Our integrated MCC solutions feature all types of fixed and variable speed starters, with both Form 2 and Form 4 construction offered to suit your needs.

Integration and network control

Successful system integration and simple network control require so much more than the addition of a PLC or SCADA to a standard low voltage solution. Our expertise in the integration of mechanical, electrical, process and instrumentation components ensures you get a seamless and reliable network that is also easy to monitor.

Process control

  • Control system design, specification and implementation
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) selection, configuration and programming
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) selection, configuration and programming
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) selection, configuration and programming
  • Selection and configuration of communication networks
  • Configuration, integration and programming of instrumentation for the control of factors such as power, temperature, flow and pressure
  • Configuration, integration and programming of control equipment such as air circuit breakers, variable speed drives and intelligent motor overloads

Energy management

  • Power SCADA selection, configuration and programming
  • Power instrumentation configuration, integration and programming
  • Configuration, integration and programming of feeder circuit monitoring systems

Comprehensive services

  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT) and commissioning
  • Documentation such as functional design specification, system software specification and factory/site acceptance testing
  • Technical training and support

Control panels

Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, our assembly teams produce high quality control panels for a diverse range of applications. We provide electrical control systems for a wide range of national and international clients. Along with control panel assembly, our skilled personnel also produce robotic cell control panels and automated manufacturing systems.

Our modular assembly process and methodology can be flexed depending on the volume and scope of your requirements. Quality and speed are key for every project we carry out: we are committed to delivering singular build or multi-batch projects on time and within budget, regardless of design origin. Of course, we adhere to the full spectrum of relevant standards for control panels.