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Our advanced control solutions effectively control wind and tidal turbines to maximise energy capture and extend turbine lifetime
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SgurrControl, part of Wood Group, provides control engineering solutions to alleviate structural loads, minimise O&M costs and optimise energy capture of wind and tidal turbines.

Our advanced control solutions effectively control wind and tidal turbines to maximise energy capture and extend turbine lifetime while providing unbeatable levels of safety and operational flexibility.

SgurrControl is able to add value through experience gained in direct involvement, providing complete supervisory and dynamic controllers for onshore, offshore and tidal turbines. We have worked with a variety of wind and tidal device manufacturers, including key industry leaders and innovators.

SgurrControl is entirely and solely dedicated to control of wind and tidal devices. This focus and experience makes our company a leading centre for control in the renewables sector with expertise acquired from over 25 years of research into all areas related to wind and tidal turbine control including system dynamics modelling; analysis and identification; control design and active load reduction; load calculations; implementation; commissioning and service.

SgurrControl has an extensive track record providing controller retuning work to maximise power curves while minimising extreme and fatigue loads in the most critical sections of the turbine and we bring ample experience working on constant and variable speed controllers with good insight into underlying control challenges and required corrections.

Turbine controllers – dynamic control

Dynamic control is used to operate the wind or tidal turbine in the most efficient manner, reducing loads and optimising energy production, while reacting to changes in the wind or tidal flow using knowledge of the dynamics of the turbine.

Dynamic control is a set of mathematical equations, implemented in the main PLC of the turbine in the form of algorithms that continuously regulate the state of the operational variables of the turbine such as blade pitch angle and generator reaction torque.

SgurrControl delivers the most advanced control algorithms available, adjusting operational variable values to obtain the right input torque to generate the required power output, while at the same time minimising the loads on those structural values. To carry out its functions, the dynamic controller needs to have information on the overall dynamic behaviour of the machine.

Turbine controllers – supervisory control

The wind turbine supervisory control systems task is to bring the wind turbine from one operational state to another. It must permit fully automatic operation, recognise hazards and activate the corresponding safety systems and it must be able to execute instructions by the operator.

This task requires a data acquisition system and a monitoring and control system with numerous contact points to almost all components of the wind turbine itself and its peripheral technical systems.

When the supervisory control detects that all systems are in working order, with no hazards present and conditions are appropriate for power generation, the wind turbine is connected to the grid and the dynamic control takes over regulation of the turbine’s operational variables. The supervisory control system continues to monitor the state of all turbine elements and changes the state of the turbine if any anomalies are detected.