Understanding the wind characteristics at a wind farm site is a complex business – from collecting data, to analysing it and spotting trends, there’s a whole host of things to consider.
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DataPortal is an online data management portal that provides wind farm developers, project managers, analysts and utilities with a data hub to manage their entire wind portfolio.

Monitor and manage your wind measurement campaigns with these key features:

  • Campaign overview: Keep track of your whole wind measurement portfolio in one easily accessible portfolio
  • Expert data analysis: Built and operated by our in-house analysts who constantly monitor and assess client data
  • Daily data screening: Our analysts work in the background screening and checking data, flagging anomalies and maintenance issues as they happen
  • Tailored data export: Quick export option and more specific data can be exported to suit your needs
  • Express document access: Access installation and maintenance reports and calibration certificates at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive event log: Keep up to date with issues and observations with a detailed event log
  • 24/7 access: Access your data anywhere, anytime with our secure online portal
  • Market tested: Designed and developed with input from wind farm developers
  • Visualise data: Wind rose, average charts, data time series charts and more to help visualise your data
  • Secure data backup: All data is backed up regularly to a secure offsite location for peace of mind
  • Instant access: Direct online access means you don’t have to wait to be sent the latest data
  • Additional expert support: Our analysts know the system inside out so can provide additional bank-grade analysis and support to get the best from your data
  • One month free trial: Find out how DataPortal can manage your wind measurement portfolio first hand, with a free one month trial.
  • Use DataPortal for the best way to manage your wind energy measurement campaigns and investments.

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