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Galion Lidar is a laser based wind profiler device for wind speed measurement and directional data capture
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The Galion Toolbox software is a suite of tools to allow wind analysts to undertake complex and advanced wind surveys using data gathered from Wood Group’s Galion Lidar remote sensing wind profiler.

What is Galion Lidar?

Galion Lidar is a laser based wind profiler device for wind speed measurement and directional data capture. With its unique all-sky scanning capability and up to 4km range, Galion Lidar is a pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology which is transforming the way we understand the wind.

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What is Galion Toolbox software?

Developed by Wood Group’s in-house software engineers, the highly intuitive Galion Toolbox processes large, complex datasets gathered from Galion Lidar and converts them into information that can be easily interpreted by the user, to extract optimum value from the data. Galion Toolbox is designed to fit neatly and efficiently into the wind analyst’s workflow and facilitate the timely delivery of project critical information.

The software suite is easy to operate and will allow users to get the most out of Galion’s powerful wind measurement capabilities by providing them with a number of ways to filter, transform or otherwise manipulate the device’s wind data into outputs and images that match their specific requirements.

What can it do?

Galion Toolbox is designed to post-process the wind data measured and recorded by a Galion Lidar. Depending on the scan configuration, it can process raw data into data equivalent to that of an anemometer and wind vane or generate images representing wind flow.

Scans and processing

The software supports the following scanning geometries:

  • Single cone
  • Dual cone
  • Horizontal arc
  • Vertical arc.

Two types of processing are performed:

  • Point processing: fit the observed radial velocities to a sinusoid curve to obtain wind speed and direction at different heights (Remote mast and local mast tools)
  • Spatial processing: plot the wind speed in a ‘heat map’ within the scanned geometry (Horizontal and vertical flow mapper tools).

All output data can be averaged to ten minute or hourly periods.

What can it do for my project?

Galion Toolbox allows the user to realise the full potential of Galion’s wind measurement capabilities by providing a number of ways to filter, transform and manipulate the device’s data to inform vital aspects of wind power developments.

Some of these outputs include the measurement of wind speed; sheer and direction; wake decay and recovery; surface effects and flow inclination. These results can then inform critical aspects of wind energy projects including:

  • Mechanical fatigue load estimation
  • Site classification
  • Turbine technology selection
  • Wind farm layout and design
  • Wind resource assessment
  • Budgets and financial planning
  • O&M strategy.

The benefits of such a flexible measurement tool are clear- the results can feed into any part of the decision making process of a wind farm project.

Existing Galion Toolbox users

Visit to guide you through the installation and operation of the toolbox software. You can find some frequently asked questions and an introduction to Galion Lidar technology to help you along the way.

There is a helpdesk function which will allow you to get in touch with our software engineers for support at any stage of using the software.

To find out more about Galion Toolbox, or the Galion Lidar technology, contact us.