SgurrEnergy has utilised its significant expertise within the wind energy industry to design the ideal meteorological mast for wind measurement.
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Wood Group has utilised its significant expertise within the wind energy industry to design the ideal meteorological mast for wind measurement.

MetMast is a temporary guyed tubular met mast in heights of 70m and 80m which, coupled with our measurement and analysis services, will ensure you have the highest quality wind data for your site.

MetMast can be deployed on varying complexity of terrain including:

  • Arable land
  • Forestry
  • Deforested
  • Hill side
  • Mountain

MetMast features:

  • 70/80m tubular tilt up guyed masts
  • 30 year design fatigue life
  • Installed with required wind monitoring instrumentation to provide bank grade wind data
  • Accommodation of dual or single located wind monitoring instrumentation
  • Design independently verified by Ramboll
  • Independently assessed in accordance with Eurocode 3
  • Met mast fabricator ISO 9001 accredited and independently audited

Third-party supplied masts

As well as  MetMast, we can also install temporary wind monitoring masts ranging in height from 10m to 90m. We can equip these temporary masts with a range of wind monitoring devices as required by your project specifications including cup and ultrasonic anemometers; temperature, pressure and relative humidity sensors; and wind vanes. In addition, we can supply bird flight diverters and aviation lighting to meet planning requirements.

Mast features:

  • 40-90m masts boast 4+ anemometers and 2+ wind direction vanes
  • 10m mast includes 2 anemometers and 1 wind direction vane
  • Supported by steel guy wires in four directions
  • No cranes or concrete foundations
  • All data recorded on a data logger on mast
  • Data logger conducts remote data retrieval and diagnostic checks.

Permanent met masts

Energy can offer a turnkey permanent met mast package including mast location study, design, supply, installation and operation and maintenance services. A permanent met mast will be on site for the life time of the wind farm and as such requires a robust design with easy maintenance.

We can design the met mast and met panel system to your specific requirements. Based on our track record of experience, this will typically consist of a lattice tower met mast close to the wind turbine hub height with a built in access ladder, fall arrest and lightning protection. Masts can be installed with a number of anemometers, one of which would be located at hub height.

We typically offer the following additional instrumentation:

  • Wind vanes
  • Ultrasonic heated instrument
  • Rain detectors
  • Pressure, temperature and relative humidity sensors.

The instrumentation is connected to a met panel consisting of a data logging system and fiber optics connection to allow communications with the wind farm SCADA system. Energy’s pre designed met panel can be adapted for communication withall major wind farm SCADA systems and can be supplied and installed on pre-existing or third party supplied met masts.

View the MetMast brochure to find out more.