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Wind power has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years and now totals over 500GW operational capacity worldwide.

With a combined investment of more than £500 billion, developers and wind farm operators place increasing emphasis on ensuring that these assets deliver maximum return on investment.

A number of standard approaches are already applied to operating sites worldwide to maximise their power value but Wood Group can do even more.

In our experience, performance improvement measures can deliver between 4% and 9% enhancement at a typical wind farm. Bringing together our reputation of robust, proven performance assessment, and our significant industry experience, our expertise is now applied to credible measures which will fully enhance wind farm production and performance, and asset return on investment.

SgurrOptimiser is a package of services available to wind farm owners, operators, developers and investors, designed to increase production at existing onshore or offshore wind farms. These services can be adopted individually or all together, depending on the needs of your project.

SgurrOptimiser includes the following services:

For more information on how we can help improve your wind farm performance, with a tailored optimisation strategy, contact Alan Mortimer emailing optimiser@sgurrenergy.com.

Watch: onshore wind optimisation and cost reduction

Watch Wood Group’s Director of Innovation, Alan Mortimer deliver a presentation on onshore wind optimisation and cost reduction at the All Energy conference in Glasgow.