With a simple interface, SgurrPerformance allows you to view key asset information and statistics at a glance.
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Managing operational assets presents numerous performance data challenges- from processing and understanding high-volume complex data to managing multiple data types across various user interface applications.

SgurrPerformance was developed by Wood Group to tackle these challenges by transforming the data and presenting it in the portfolio manager.

This asset performance tool was built for owners, operators and investors to monitor wind portfolios, analysing and comparing data that will inform improvements to assets based on real data.

In touch with your data

With a simple interface, SgurrPerformance allows you to view key asset information and statistics at a glance with the opportunity to delve deeper into production data and availability metrics for a single turbine, whole wind farm or entire portfolio.

Visualise current and historical data including:

  • Power curves
  • Energy against wind resource
  • Availability
  • Capacity factors
  • Production ratios
  • Asset comparisons
  • Event energy yield deficit.

Leave the technical stuff to us

SgurrPerformance extracts data regardless of the model or manufacturer, so you can keep on top of an entire portfolio of assets in one system no matter the OEM.

Our expert analysts drill down into your data so you don’t have to, giving a deeper insight with monthly reports on key statistics, highlighting issues and targeted improvements.

SgurrPerformance allows you to effortlessly visualise and compare production losses across the wind farm, or your entire portfolio, identifying the location and cause of low performance.

Retrospective data can be viewed to understand the reasons for underperformance relative to real factors giving a true picture of energy production with an insight into short and long-term trends, effective performance and revenue.

Our operational controllers use SgurrPerformance to log operational control information from our 24/7 control centre in Glasgow to allow fast access of information for reporting and asset analysis.

Online and Secure

SgurrPerformance can be accessed by you from anywhere, with a unique and secure online login, allowing you to remotely access your asset information and quickly report on project KPIs.

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