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Carrot Moor Test Facility, is available for use by the wider wind energy community.
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Wood Group’s unique wind measurement research site, Carrot Moor Test Facility, is available for use by the wider wind energy community. 

Due to its unique location and complex terrain, the test site allows users to validate remote sensing equipment to IEC standards in a realistic deployment setting, which laboratory-based test sites cannot. The test facility is situated deep within the heart of the UK’s largest onshore wind farm, Whitelee, and is the only site of its kind in Scotland to feature an IEC compliant, fully calibrated mast instrumentation system.

Carrot Moor can be used to test remote sensing equipment including lidar and sodar, and Wood Group currently uses the site to accurately complete its testing and calibration of Galion Lidar. Supporting innovations in remote sensing equipment, the test site is open to manufacturers, consultancies, developers and researchers to facilitate ongoing testing and improvement of these devices.

Galion Lidars on long range test bed at Carrot Moor

Carrot Moor’s met mast

The site incorporates an 80m IEC compliant meteorological met mast which is equipped at multiple heights with:

  • Cup and ultrasonic anemometers
  • Temperature, pressure and relative humidity sensors
  • Wind vanes
  • Raindrop distrometers

A short range test pad below the mast allows testing of up to five remote wind sensing devices. The site boasts a long range test pad, approximately 280m from the mast, which can incorporate testing of a further five remote sensing devices. The facility has the unique capability to undertake testing from up to 4km distances.

Benefits of testing at Carrot Moor

  • Allows the completion of calibration and validation testing
  • Situated in a real life, wind farm terrain
  • Meets IEC power curve test conditions
  • Independent testing and calibration
  • Opportunity to acquire mast data to undertake assessments
  • Accurate testing out with traditional ‘laboratory’ test conditions

Wood Group currently uses Carrot Moor to verify and calibrate its Galion Lidar wind scanning devices before being delivered to clients. The long range test pad in particular is used to validate the capabilities of the Galion to measure at any location within its range, using techniques such as “arc scans”, which are tested against the reference mast from the pad.

The setup of the site meets IEC power curve test conditions with the distance of the long range test pad from the reference mast corresponding to the measurement distance for a device installed on the nacelle or at the base of a modern multi-megawatt wind turbine.

To book device validation or for more information on how you can utilise this unique measurement site, please contact us.