Turbine Control Design Toolbox

Model, design and test wind and tidal turbine control systems.
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Build wind or tidal turbine control systems more efficiently with one of the industry’s leading design and modelling software tools. The ‘SgurrControlBox’ control design toolbox is ideal for control and mechanical engineers.

The SgurrControlBox embedded in the MATLAB® numerical computing environment tool allows engineers to model wind and tidal turbines, design their control systems more quickly and eases controller evaluation and post-processing tasks.

It speeds up controller design by allowing multiple models and controllers to be loaded at the same time for analytical and performance comparisons and works with external linear models from Bladed or FAST.
The SgurrControlBox contains an extensive group of control analysis tools:

  • frequency and time responses
  • stability margins
  • dynamic placement of poles and zeros that can automatically update the effects on the control features (Bode, Nyquist, plots).

The post-processing tools analyse important performance measurements of the controller. It allows for an analysis of the results generated by the leading software packages for wind and tidal turbine simulation (Bladed, Flex and FAST). Its capability of processing loads and distributions assists engineers in the design of turbine components. This capacity can be enhanced with the automatic report generation module, which allows for rapid creation of all analysis documents required for certification standards. Furthermore, SgurrControl can customise the Automatic Report Generation to accommodate specific requirements and your temporary reporting needs.

SgurrControlBox – the turbine control design toolbox

The SgurrControlBox integrates the latest trends in wind and tidal turbine control systems design and provides efficiency improvements to control engineering departments that can deliver significant development savings.

The SgurrControlBox includes:

  • Wind turbine models
  • Control designer
  • Gateway (co-simulation between Bladed and Simulink)
  • Data analyser and post-processing tools.

New, user-requested features that improve its capabilities include:

  • Latest drive train models
  • New blade model – ideal for individual blade control
  • Improved wind model – the wind model is correct at all ranges of frequencies
  • Enhanced control options – allows for coordinated control of pitch and torque
  • Ability to work with FAST models.

Optional modules:

Automatic report generator module
Create a word document with tabulated data, profile graphics, and a display of simulation results using the automatic report generator. This generates and presents information regarding loads (fatigue and ultimate) necessary for certification and allows easy updates of the document with each simulation change.

Customised report generator module  
Submit your document template to SgurrControl to generate automatic reports that match your exact layout and design requirements.