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Energy yield services, tailored to suit your needs
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Customised energy yield services are tailored to suit your needs by SgurrEnergy and we have a wealth of experience in providing bank grade energy yield reports that are well respected in the industry and accepted by most financial institutions. 

Some of the standard services offered and key considerations made in our energy yield predictions include:

  • Identification and selection of suitable sources of long-term reference wind data sources for use in energy yield prediction
  • Wind flow modelling using industry standard modelling software (SgurrEnergy is licensed users of WAsP, WAsP Engineering; WindPro, WindFarmer, Windfarm and Windographer software)
  • Wind flow modelling using advanced wind flow modelling software (SgurrEnergy is licensed users of Meteodyn WT (CFD) software)
  • Wind flow model validation using remote sensing measurements
  • Detailed forestry scenario modelling
  • Appraisal and application of system losses based on our extensive experience.
  • Assessment of electrical losses incurred up to the point of grid metering in addition to detailed wind farm electrical design
  • Modelling of noise curtailment
  • Modelling of wind sector management
  • Full, bank grade energy yield report.

The level of uncertainty in the energy yield prediction will be estimated based on all inputs to the energy yield prediction from wind measurement through to wind flow modelling. SgurrEnergy has developed in-house tools that produce probability of exceedance energy yield values (such as P75 and P90) typically used in project finance.