Wind regime assessment

A greater understanding of wind regime parameters than a typical mast measurement
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It is important that the wind turbine that our clients select maximises energy yield output but is also suitable for the wind regime conditions expected at your site, so striking a balance can be challenging.

Without this balance, issues can occur such as the wind turbine failing to operate for its full design life, or overspending on a higher specification wind turbine than is actually required. Our team of specialists can assess both the site and wind turbine suitability through the analysis of wind measurements at your site.

However, particularly at complex sites, measurements obtained at the mast location may not accurately represent the wind climate across the whole site and conventional linear wind flow models may fail to accurately model these parameters across your site.

In order to fully understand the wind climate across the whole site, deployments of Wood Group’s Galion Lidar allows a greater understanding of wind regime parameters than a typical mast measurement.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an advanced wind flow modelling software specifically designed for the simulation of complex wind flow. In addition to cutting edge research, Wood Group has also undertaken numerous energy yield predictions at commercial wind farm sites located in complex environments using CFD software.

Wood Group provides wind regime reports which are appropriate for use by wind turbine manufacturers to assess suitability of their equipment for site.
Our typical range of wind regime assessment services include:

  • Analysis of site turbulence intensity
  • Predicting the extreme wind speed at site
  • Analysis of site wind shear
  • Analysis of inflow angle.