Commercial due diligence

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Not all risks can be fully removed or reduced through purely technical solutions; strong contracts are a pre-requisite for success on any project, and Wood Group has an excellent track record in balancing technical due diligence with identifying clear commercial solutions for key project risks.

We understand the risks of investing in a renewable energy project and appreciate the need for reliable and bank grade data predictions of annual energy yields, accompanied by robust uncertainty assessments and risk mitigation measures.

Our commercial due diligence services include:

  • Detailed review of key project agreements, including:
    • Terms and conditions of contract
    • Warranties and guarantees, including adequacy of liquidated damages and limits of liability
    • Robustness of contract
    • Drafting and reviewing Turbine Supply Agreements (TSA); Balance of Plant (BoP) contracts;
    • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs); permit applications; grid connection agreements; and other key documentation
    • Gap analysis
  • Track record of suppliers and contractor
  • Interface risk
  • Management procedures of the turnkey contractor
  • Completeness of costs and risk of cost variations
  • Construction milestones and construction risks
  • Completion delays
  • Commissioning plans and risks
  • Performance and reliability test procedures