Environmental impact assessment

Our expert environmental team provides a broad range of environmental services for projects at all stages of development
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EIA is an important tool for predicting the potential environmental consequences of proposed developments at an early stage.  The EIA process allows appropriate mitigation measures to be identified and incorporated into a project’s design iteration process.  

Our planning and environmental specialists work closely with our technical teams to ensure that the mitigation and management measures proposed deliver a project with minimal environmental impact, while maximising energy yield, and ultimately ensuring the financial viability of the project.

SgurrEnergy’s planning and environment team has extensive experience in providing full management services for the EIA and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) processes for renewable energy projects worldwide.

The EIA / ESIA process involves assessing likely significant impacts for all aspects of the site’s surrounding natural and built environment and identifying appropriate mitigation (which may include revisions to the design of the site) to reduce potential environmental and social effects.

Our environmental and planning team offers services for:

  • Screening and scoping to determine the level of detail required for full EIA / ESIA
  • Baseline studies on the state of the environment and socio-economic conditions prior to implementation of the project
  • Impact assessment into the effects of the project on established baseline conditions
  • Assessment of impacts of other existing or planned developments in the area
  • Mitigation design – developing measures to reduce negative impacts
  • Assessment of residual impacts following the application of mitigation measures
  • Preparation of environmental statement detailing EIA / ESIA process
  • Public consultation throughout the EIA / ESIA process

As well as the above, we also have extensive experience in providing a wide range of technical services to input into the EIA process including:

  • Public Engagement
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Shadow Flicker Assessment
  • Traffic and Transportation Assessment
  • Telecommunications Assessment
  • Socio-economic, Recreation and Tourism Assessment
  • GIS Analysis and Mapping
  • Layout Design
  • Cumulative Studies

SgurrEnergy conducts EIA and ESIAs on wind power projects around the globe.  We are currently managing a portfolio of EIA projects on behalf of WilloWind Energy.  Our environmental team has also provided ESIAs services for Mongolia’s first wind farm and are managing the ESIA process for two wind farm projects in Malawi.

For more information our environmental planning services, contact our environmental team.