Environmental management

Our expert environmental team provides a broad range of environmental services for projects at all stages of development.
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Construction activities and day-to-day operations at any stage of a power project can have an environmental impact and it is the responsibility of the developer to manage and minimise these impacts. Wood Group’s team of environmental specialists can help you to improve or implement a robust system of environmental management for your renewable energy development.

Our services include the development and management of:

  • Environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Environmental and social management plans (ESMP)
  • Environmental mitigation and monitoring plans (EMMP)
  • Community and stakeholder engagement plans
  • Environmental and social action plans (ESAP)

Wood Group can also audit on-site practices against the provisions detailed in the management plans and provide expert advice to address non-compliance.

Our team has extensive experience working with customers to develop robust and compliant environmental management systems, both in the UK and overseas.

Our previous experience includes the development and implementation of the EMP for the installation of offshore met masts on East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm, development of an operational EMS for Bankend Rig Wind Farm and development of the ESMP for Salkhit Wind Farm, Mongolia.

For more information on these services, contact our environmental team.