Measurement campaign design and deployment

Reducing uncertainty and maximising output are top priorities for wind farm developers and financers.
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Measurement campaign design

Wood Group has extensive experience of designing high quality wind measurement campaigns in both onshore and offshore environments. As part of this design, Wood Group will typically consider:

  • The gradient of topography around the site through analysis of steep slopes
  • The altitude and exposure of the measurement instrumentation relative to likely proposed layouts
  • Areas of complex flow that may significantly affect either the measured wind data or the wind climate at proposed wind turbine locations
  • Reliability of the equipment deployed in remote or inaccessible locations (including offshore)

At complex sites where the existing wind measurement campaign is not thought to be accurately representing the wind climate across the entire site, Wood Group can design and implement additional measurement campaigns utilising remote sensing.

These additional campaigns typically allow mast and remote sensing measurements to be used in conjunction with one another to further validate wind flow models, investigate wind shear profiles above mast measurement heights and reduce the level of uncertainty in energy yield predictions.

Measurement campaign deployment

Wood Group has a dedicated measurement team which is responsible for the design, deployment and management of both conventional meteorological mast and advanced remote sensing technology wind measurement equipment.

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