Remote sensing services

Reducing uncertainty and maximising output are top priorities for wind farm developers and financers.
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Remote sensing devices such as Galion Lidar offer wind farm developers powerful new options for assessing the wind resource at proposed or operational wind farm sites.

They are a compact, portable, robust alternative to a traditional  meteorological mast, which can be installed on a temporary and economic basis, with minimal impact and no requirement for planning permission. This makes them the clear choice for shorter deployments, either as part of a wider wind measurement campaign, or for a short term wind data set, e.g. noise impact assessments.

The unique features of Galion can also be used for a wide range of more sophisticated wind data acquisition and wind measurement campaigns. A long range G4000 Galion can measure wind speeds over a range of up to 4km, so it can measure wind conditions at multiple WTG positions from a single location, quantify wind speed variation across complex forestry, or identify regions of flow separation behind hills. It can also be used for more flexible power curve testing, WTG wake visualisation or low cost offshore measurements.

Lidar rental

Wood Group’s measurement team has been using remote sensing technologies for over 10 years and can offer Galion Lidar systems for rental to complete or complement a number of wind measurement campaigns. Examples include:

  • Measurements where mast installation is impractical or impossible
  • Measurements without a requirement for planning consent
  • Urgent measurement campaigns with minimal lead times
  • Measurements to allow a single reference mast to be used to cover a large site where traditionally multiple masts would have been used
  • Measurements above the height of existing or historical masts; measuring wind shear above mast height or across the whole rotor diameter of large turbines
  • Measurements at multiple locations to verify existing or future wind flow models
  • Measurements of wind conditions remote from the deployment location, e.g. onshore measurements of offshore wind conditions
  • Flow visualisation measurements of complex terrain, forestry, and turbine wakes
  • Wind turbine performance measurements of operational assets
  • Measurements as part of Noise Impact Assessments
  • Wind resource assessment

Key advantages of using rental Galion Lidar systems include:

Support services

Wood Group’s measurement engineers and wind analysts have industry leading experience in the use of remote sensing and can provide practical advice and assist in the design of a monitoring campaign tailored to your particular project. Rental durations from just one week and upwards are available, with a typical lead time of less than four weeks.

In conjunction with our in-house met mast installation and management services, Wood Group can develop measurement campaigns to suit projects of any scale and produce data suitable for use in bank grade energy yield prediction and other wind analysis.

The Wood Group measurement team is experienced in operating a wide variety of remote sensing systems from the major manufacturers and have the capability to provide remote sensing fleet management for owners of any type of Lidar or Sodar remote sensing equipment.

Please enquire about our fleet management service, we will always be pleased to offer a quotation, from discrete deployments to a fully supported monitoring and analysis package.