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The services we offer cover all aspects of renewable engineering.
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Our team of chartered civil or structural engineers has a significant depth of experience, and this is reflected in the quality of our advice and services.

Working in tandem with our colleagues in other engineering disciplines, or independently on bespoke civil engineering projects for renewables, we advise developers, lenders, investors and landowners on the feasibility, practicality and delivery of projects.

This includes geotechnical, hydrological and access constraints, along with the full civil infrastructure, at all stages of the project life cycle. We are able to guide, review and advise civil and structural design and monitor contracting to ensure that your project is delivered as effectively as possible.

Typical services that Wood Group’s civil and structural engineering team deliver include:

The success of renewable energy projects relies on robust civil and structural engineering. Our team can assist in predicting and managing many of the challenges, to avoid cost overruns, delays or contractual claims.

Access studies/swept path analysis

Wind farms can be sited in complex terrain, and accessing the site can be a difficult and costly challenge. Experience has shown that a comprehensive access study is fundamental in avoiding delays in land agreements.

Our team reviews the site access arrangements for the wind farm, considering the delivery of heavy and oversize equipment to the project site by:

  • Route option analysis from the selected port
  • Swept path analysis using vehicle tracking software
  • Liaison with roads and rail authorities
  • Efficient 3D internal road layout development
  • Geotechnical and peat constraints evaluation on roads and hardstandings.

Our road layout design and geotechnical analysis is greatly enhanced by the use of Autodesk Civil3D software, a powerful tool in analysis, design and visualisation.

Hydrology assessments

There are risks during the planning, construction and operation phases of onshore wind farm projects as a result of drainage and flooding. The rural location and size of the wind farm may also require extensive use of culverts.

Wood Group can ensure that such risks are quantified and addressed, and that appropriate budget and programme is allocated, including approval and licensing by the appropriate regulatory authority.

Geotechnical and site studies

Wood Group provides expertise to review the documents below, and provide appropriate advice base on the findings of these reports:

  • Geotechnical specifications
  • Geo-environmental reports
  • Peat slide assessments
  • Hydrological studies
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Topographic surveys.

Design evaluation and standards compliance

Compliance with international standards is a key benchmark for financial institutions and we carry out independent services to:

  • Evaluate suitability of the contractor’s design for the project
  • Assess the residual risks at the start of the project
  • Monitor performance of the contractors and their designers
  • Certify release of milestone payments.

Structural engineering

Wind turbines pose specific problems to the design of foundations, especially in relation to cyclic loading and soil-structure interaction. We apply our extensive experience in this field to assess the adequacy of the proposed solutions, and this service is highly valued by financial institutions and owners, as we are one of the leading experts these particular design challenges.

Construction monitoring

From the UK to China; from Pakistan to Mongolia, we have carried out construction monitoring and site supervision for wind farm developments at every project stage. Some of our construction phase services include:

  • Assessment of adherence to project specifications and construction contracts
  • Review of design work post-financial close
  • Review of sponsor and contractors’ own progress reports
  • Monitoring of overall construction progress against project schedule and cost plan
  • Assessment of adherence to quality assurance programmes and procedures
  • Maintenance of variation or change order log
  • Identification of technical issues and advice on potential impact
  • Certificate sign-off on project completion.

More information on construction phase services can be found here.

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