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The construction phase is often seen as the focus of projects, but in fact it is just one important stage in the journey to a successfully operating wind farm or renewable technology project. 

It is key that the construction phase is managed to ensure the safe, timely and most cost effective delivery of a working asset into handover to the operations phase.

To achieve this, Wood Group’s implementation team can carry out many of the roles below, working with all the stakeholders to predict, prevent and, where necessary, resolve challenges that arise.

If work is planned, monitored and managed effectively, the lower the chance of delays, unexpected costs and downtime during operations.

Utilising the planning and documentation developed in the pre-construction phase our implementation team will carry out:

  • Reporting to relevant parties (client, statutory bodies, lenders etc.)
  • Continued risk analysis and management
  • Interface and stakeholder management
  • Contract administration and enforcement of contract compliance
  • Continued design review – all contracts and disciplines
  • Site monitoring
    • Full time site engineering team (civil/electrical/wind turbine engineers)
    • Additional periodic inspections by technical experts
    • Witnessing of key tests
  • QHSE audits and advice
  • Key milestone payment review and recommendation
  • FIDIC ‘engineer’ or ‘employer’s representative’ activities
  • Lender’s engineer liaison
  • Consenting conditions discharge an monitoring
  • ECoW and other environmental specialist advice and support.

Our construction management services include:

  • Contract administration
  • Site engineering
  • Quality adherence appraisal
  • Design adherence
  • Construction monitoring
  • Change/ variation management
  • Broad and specific technical advice
  • Problem resolution
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Programme adherence
  • Contractor monitoring
  • Health and safety
  • Works sign-off and handover of works
  • Turbine inspection
  • Snagging.

Wood Group has been involved in the construction of some of the world’s biggest and well known renewable energy projects. Contact us to find out more about our construction phase services.