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The distribution of renewable energy generation has been increasing steadily in recent years, posing new technical challenges to developers and grid operators. Knowledge of the characteristics of renewable sources is key to a successful project.

Wood Group has the capability and experience to support the electrical engineering across all types of renewable energy projects; from concept and feasibility through design and construction to operation and eventual replacement or decommissioning. We provide project support and advisory services at all levels including concept design and verification of detailed plant designs and construction and commissioning plans.

Our team of experienced and versatile electrical engineers have comprehensive and broad technical backgrounds in electrical utilities, onshore and offshore wind turbine manufacturers, engineering design consultancies, academic research and various other industrial engineering sectors.

Wood Group is often engaged to act on behalf of both lenders and developers as technical consultants at all stages of a renewable energy project, and we do this with the utmost discretion and impartiality.

We provide clients with comprehensive electrical engineering support and advice in the following areas:

  • Grid connection support
  • Power systems analysis and studies (electrical system modelling with DigSILENT)
  • Electrical design and system specification
  • SCADA and communication systems specification
  • Electrical loss assessments
  • Wind farms and grid compliance assessment
  • System studies for high renewable energy penetration into the electrical networks
  • System studies for off grid electrical systems
  • Offshore Substations, intra-array cables, export cables technical specification for HVAC or HVDC systems
  • Tender analysis of Balance of Plant (BoP) and turbine contractors
  • Construction phase design and build monitoring
  • Electrical equipment technology reviews
  • Electrical system, SCADA and communication site survey and technical support
  • Power quality evaluation and monitoring.

Grid connection support

Achieving grid connection and grid code compliance is absolutely key in delivering most projects and we have experience in developing and optimising design of electrical systems to meet technical and quality requirements, enhancing our client’s project revenue and reducing risks. Some of our services include:

  • Grid connection application process management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Assessment of grid connection conditions including location, capacity and any potential reinforcements that may be required
  • Review of grid connection agreements and designs including any associated transmission/distribution system reinforcements proposed by connection utilities
  • Negotiation of connection agreements and connection conditions with utilities
  • Assessment of benefits and risks of contestable and non-contestable connections
  • Management of utility activities associated with grid connections e.g. wayleaves, planning applications, reinforcement works
  • Construction monitoring support
  • Liaison with DNOs and transmission companies to achieve timely connection.

Power systems analysis and studies

Power system analysis is fundamental to study the impact on the electrical transmission and distribution systems of the renewable generation. Our engineers conduct electrical system modelling with DigSILENT software to enable cost effective equipment selection and to ensure that the systems integrate effectively with the local grid and maximise export.

Typical services include:

  • Load flow studies to assess equipment ratings and loadings, voltage profiles, losses and other steady state behaviours
  • Fault level studies to determine short-circuit current levels and flows
  • Assessment of equipment capabilities and the undertaking of protection co-ordination studies
  • Protection studies to determine protective device settings to achieve co-ordination
  • Transient stability studies to assess system responses to events such as fault disturbances, generation trips/start-up
  • Harmonic studies to assess harmonic distortion levels, harmonic penetration and effectiveness of potential mitigation measures
  • Transient analysis to determine level of lightning and switching transients on the system.

Electrical design and system specification

Large projects require a consistent technical documentation structure, organised from the environmental and system specifications down to the detailed design reports and drawings. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Concept study of electrical systems for onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms and solar farms
  • Concept system design and layout
  • Electrical system specification and main electrical component specification
  • Review of detailed electrical system design and drawings.

Wind turbine and wind farm grid compliance

Evaluation of the manufacturer datasheets for generating equipment including assessment of power quality and functional capabilities of generating plant equipment against the relevant grid connection requirements determined in the local transmission/distribution code.

Electrical equipment technology reviews

We undertake assessments of the quality and performance of all types of electrical equipment against project bespoke requirements including:

  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Wind turbine units
  • Solar inverters
  • Rectifiers
  • Cables.

Power quality monitoring

The measurement and analysis of current and voltage performance over periods of time is important as this can provide evidence of compliance to grid connection conditions or assessment of potential issues such as harmonic distortion, voltage instability etc.

Additional electrical capabilities include:

  • SCADA and communication design and specification
  • Electrical loss assessment and analysis
  • System studies for renewable energy penetration into the electrical networks
  • System studies for off grid electrical systems
  • Construction phase design and build monitoring services
  • Tender analysis of Balance of Plant (BoP) and wind turbine contractors
  • Offshore substations, intra-array cables, export cables technical specification
  • Electrical, SCADA and communication technical support.

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