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Handover is the process of transition between the end of the construction phase and the start of the operation phase. It is a vital check of the completion of construction activities and an assurance that contracts have been fully executed before the handover certificates are issued to the contractors.

Once the project is handed over, the construction and commissioning teams will leave site and the operations teams will arrive.

This vital step in the project journey ensures that when contractors leave the site, the project is in full working order for handover to the operations team. At this stage the project documentation is fully reviewed and key health and safety documentation collated, to provide a full operations manual and reference documentation for what has been built, how it complies with the permits and any residual risks.

There is often a ‘snag’ or ‘punch’ list of minor items to rectify created at this stage, though one of the key aims for Wood Group is to try to get the contractor to complete all items on this before they leave site. A project should ideally be completed without snags.

Working with Wood Group’s active asset management team, our implementation team will ensure that project handover is robust:

  • Clearly defined processes ensure documentation is suitable and complete
  • Closeout of contracts, review and approval of variations
  • Evaluation, inspection and closure of snagging items
  • Collation of documentation
  • Handover ‘packs’ ensure comprehensive transfer of knowledge to OMS team
  • Review of H&S performance and identification of residual risks
  • If a UK project, closure notification to HSE.

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