Decommissioning Services

Providing safe, cost effective late life and decommissioning solutions.
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With a strong track record, decommissioning is a core Wood Group capability founded on the global strength and expertise from our offshore and onshore engineering, operations, maintenance, and duty holder services. Wood Group can help you plan and manage your decommissioning project, from the small to the highly complex. We focus on providing safe, fit-for-purpose and environmentally responsible solutions ensuring cost certainty and efficiency which protects your reputation. Our services can be delivered on a standalone contract basis, or as part of an integrated late life asset retirement and decommissioning proposition.

Strategic planning

As assets age, we are faced with growing challenges and uncertainties which impacts cost, safety, liability and regulatory compliance. Through our strategic planning process, Wood Group provides you with the most cost effective solutions whilst complying with legislation. We provide stakeholders with decision quality detail to identify the optimal concept and timing for abandonment and removal to achieve maximum economic recovery and efficient decommissioning.

With our experienced team, we also provide the initial plan for all elements of the decommissioning process. Typically, this includes development of the integrated cost and schedule models, removal method selection options, temporary utility requirements, major accident hazard and safety critical equipment strategies, maintenance and isolation strategies, and project contracting strategies. Careful planning will ensure that resources are efficiently used and people and the environment remain safe and protected.

Late Life Asset Management

As an asset progresses through its life cycle, changing priorities make it necessary to adapt the mode of operation. Wood Group’s asset life cycle experience is focused on not only ongoing delivery but more importantly the management of change at these transition points.

The provision of late life management services can encompass individual or bundled assets including:

  • OPEX budgetary decisions analysed on a life of field basis
  • Maintenance - including post cessation of production reliability
  • Logistics services
  • Platform operations and life support services
  • Early preparation scopes for post cessation of production activities
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance (including safety case)

Our strategic planning for late life concentrates on:

  • Maximising economic recovery
  • Optimising the transition between final production and abandonment and removal
  • Minimising total OPEX and ABEX (Abandonment Expenditure) across this time horizon
  • Managed regulatory compliance
  • Delivering integrity assurance

Decommissioning services

Our execution services can be deployed as part of a holistic decommissioning strategy or in support of your plan. These can be delivered individually or as part of an integrated campaign.

We optimise scope execution, reduce exposure to individuals and the environment and as a result provide cost effective solutions that protect reputations.