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Wood Group develops software technology to help customers effectively plan, design, operate and maintain their assets.
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We deliver engineering design and operational management solutions that address the primary threats to the safety, operation and productivity of your energy and industrial assets.

With more than 20 years of experience in software development and innovation, we meet the varied needs of operators and engineering companies around the world. Our developers and domain engineers work together, paying close attention to every detail, to deliver solutions that allow you to:

  • Take informed decisions, at the right time
  • Mitigate risk and enhance performance where possible
  • Minimise costs and deliver a solid return on investment

Wood Group’s global presence is complemented by local experts who understand your challenges in depth. From front end design to decommissioning, our software solutions are designed to give your business the critical information and insight it needs, accurately, comprehensively and on time.

Data analytics

Wood Group provides data analytics and software design services to asset owners and operators wanting to improve operational and data efficiency, predict operational or safety issues and drive down costs associated with inspection and maintenance. Click here for more information.


We leverage our expertise in systems integration, commercial software development, workflow development and global deployment to ensure the successful and scalable application of commercial or custom software for your business. To discuss your needs, see a demo, ask questions or get a software quote click here.

All-of-facility integrity management


Corrosion modeling and materials selection


Drilling riser design, analysis and management

DeepRiser | Optima | OptiView

Environmental management


Flow modeling, virtual metering

Maestro | Virtuoso

Pipeline installation and management

OptiLay | PipeLay

Plant performance monitoring


Process control, simulation and operator training

Virtuoso | VP Link | ProDyn | ProLearn

Reliability information


Offshore marine engineering simulation

Flexcom | OptiWave

Supply chain optimisation

ProPlan | ProSched

Well integrity management

iWIT | iMAASP | iNotepad

Virtual and augmented reality

Wood Group is imagining a new world:

  • Where trainees are empowered to safely learn from their mistakes
  • Where we visualise and communicate customer solutions with greater clarity than ever before
  • Where we take our customers to places previously unimaginable

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