Flexcom is an offshore marine engineering simulator which has underpinned the engineering design on some of the world’s most demanding offshore projects.
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The programme is designed and maintained by experienced engineers who are immersed in the offshore energy industry. Our customers use Flexcom to reduce inefficiencies and validate structural designs. Flexcom customers gain a competitive advantage and minimise costs.

Flexcom’s advanced computational technique, based on an industry-proven finite element formulation, provides unrivalled confidence in the engineering design. Typical applications of Flexcom include:

  • Risers
  • Mooring lines
  • Floating bodies
  • Seafloor conduits
  • Offloading lines
  • Installation processes

The software supports time and frequency domain analysis, fatigue post-processing, and modal analysis. Flexcom possesses a broad range of advanced technical capabilities, including:

  • Superior finite element formulation
    • Hybrid beam element with fully coupled axial, bending and torque
    • Highly accurate 3D kinematics algorithm
  • A range of analysis capabilities
    • Static analysis, including solution criteria automation
    • Time and frequency domain dynamic simulations
    • Fatigue post-processing
    • Modal analysis, interfacing with Shear7
    • Code checking
  • A wealth of practical modelling components
    • Hinges, flex joints, springs & dashpots
    • Bend stiffeners & tapered stress joints
    • Subsea buoys, winch elements etc.
    • Contact surfaces
  • Various sea-state models
    • Regular: Airy, Stokes V, Dean’s Stream
    • Random: Pierson-Moskowitz, JONSWAP, Ochi-Hubble, Torsethaugen, User-defined
  • Advanced modelling capabilities
    • Non-linear materials, plus hysteretic bending
    • Pipe-in-pipe & pipe-on-pipe configurations
    • Wake interference
    • Line clashing
    • Coupled analysis
    • Soil-structure interaction
    • Complex seabed topographies

Structural configurations may be built quickly and easily using the line modelling feature, while the automatic mesh-creation facility readily accommodates mesh sensitivity studies. The model view continually updates to reflect changes to the model, and provides a preview of both the overall configuration and the distribution of finite elements.

Flexcom is designed to simplify the quality assurance process. The keyword style input readily lends itself to QA inspection by project managers. The integrated keyword editor facilitates rapid data specification, aiding the user with helpful input prompts and command auto-completion.

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