A single, one-stop solution for integrity and broader well operation management needs.
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iWIT is a comprehensive, web-based software toolkit designed to meet the demand for integrity management of wells. Not only oil and gas producing wells need continuous real-time integrity monitoring to avoid failures. Find out more about addressing integrity issues in underground gas storage.

iWIT automates and streamlines well data into a single environment that applies business rules for a comprehensive and consistent understanding of operational conditions and the integrity of your assets for the full life cycle. iWIT delivers immediate, web-based management by exception and decision support for engineers and managers.

Key benefits:

  • Improve safety through increased certainty of well integrity issues
  • Receive early warning of integrity anomalies and production threats, using real-time data when available
  • Reduce costs with fewer workovers and increased uptime in support of production optimisation initiatives
  • Track and mitigate risk with the incorporation of complex business logic and the ability to rank wells
  • Access advanced analytical capabilities including integrated corrosion modeling and reliability analysis
  • Comply with regulatory needs, standards and recommended practices including ISO 16530-2 Well Integrity in the Operational Phase

Integrating with your existing systems, robust validation rules are applied to mitigate or identify erroneous data and deliver KPIs from a company level down to individual well levels. Traffic light monitoring supports early identification of well component failures and alerts are given of wells operating outside safe envelopes.

iWIT is a full service solution and we work with you in partnership to deliver business value from day one. We employ rigorous and proven implementation methodologies for both full-scale and pilot deployments for single assets through to enterprise-wide solutions covering your entire portfolio. After an iWIT system goes live, you will have access to multiple support options and become a member of our active and growing customer community.

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