Optima is a range of software tools providing guidance for the planning and execution of riser operations.
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Optima has a significant role in exploration and development drilling and intervention operations. 

The software takes the outputs from existing vessel systems (or manual inputs) and predicts and displays the behavior of the riser in the prevailing conditions. Optima can be augmented with a range online and offline simulators, as well as fatigue, VIV and riser angle measurement options. 

Users can select from the Optima range to achieve the optimum combination of information, guidance and price for a particular vessel or project. Optima provides both the operator and drilling contractor with significant benefits that translate into substantial cost savings as well as enhancing safety and integrity.

One key advantage of Optima is its use of a state-of-the-art finite element model of the riser to predict the riser response. This is achieved by the incorporation of our industry-leading riser analysis software DeepRiser in the Optima analysis engine. Compared to alternative systems, which typically utilise simplified analytical models to estimate the riser response, Optima is capable of accurately determining the 3D riser response to a wide range of loading scenarios, including transient events such as drift-off. 

The riser response modelling and analysis methodologies employed in Optima are identical to DeepRiser. This relationship allows a natural extension for office based riser analysis performed onshore in DeepRiser to be simulated offshore using Optima with the advantage of accessibility to real time information offshore.                                                                    

A further unique advantage of Optima is that the finite element software incorporated into the package is entirely developed and owned by Wood Group. This ensures that the delivered product represents a fully integrated riser operations planning and management tool.

Optima is a modular and cost effective solution, and can be customised to your needs. 

Benefits include:

  • Increase the operating window leading to reduced downtime and substantial cost savings – achieved using an operational envelope based on prevailing or forecast met-ocean conditions
  • Reduce the risk of failure through improved system monitoring and operation – by staying within the operational capacity of the riser and handling equipment
  • Enhance long-term riser integrity from recording riser usage and fatigue exposure
  • Reduce annual riser inspection costs through optimisation of inspection programs
  • Reduce fatigue and wear on critical riser components
  • Help to protect the well and subsea infrastructure
  • Increase confidence in carrying out riser operations in prevailing forecast met-ocean conditions, resulting in a reduction in unplanned incidents
  • Enable properly planned dual activity operations onboard, resulting in greater efficiency

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