Integrated engineering application to optimise and streamline the design and analysis of drilling riser and top-tensioned production riser systems.
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DeepRiser is used extensively across the drilling industry. It combines an intuitive user interface with powerful analytical capabilities to provide a comprehensive engineering tool for the design and analysis of drilling and top-tensioned production riser systems.

DeepRiser is built around a highly validated finite element package. Models are defined in engineering terms rather than finite element terms and all data is presented in meaningful units. DeepRiser features highly automated analysis capabilities with multiple load cases and automatic results generation. The software allows complex riser models to be created in a relatively short period of time, which results in increased productivity. This allows engineers to concentrate on engineering rather than modelling.                                    

DeepRiser contains powerful post-processing capabilities which allows a graphical output of all results variables in the form of time histories, spectra, envelopes, snapshots and statistics. DeepRiser is integrated seamlessly with our interactive postprocessing module, OptiView, allowing access to all riser analysis results. OptiView facilitates the rapid generation of plots and tables.

Modular extension – Recoil™ analysis module

The recoil module facilitates the modelling and analysis of emergency disconnect scenarios, incorporating advanced hydro-pnuematic tensioning models and drilling mud flow modelling techniques:

  • Models all the major hydraulic and pneumatic components of the tensioning system
  • Can model each tensioning cylinder independently, and can simulate the behaviour of the anti-recoil control system
  • Incorporates an advanced fluid flow model, based on a finite volume numerical technique, to model the drilling mud exiting from the base of the riser

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