Composite Wrap Services

Effective structural steel repairs.
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We offer a wide range of bespoke composite repair services designed to extend asset life by providing reactive, adaptable and cost-efficient repairs to a variety of steel structures in both offshore and onshore environments.

Our services are used to restore structural integrity and decrease the need for expensive shut downs and steel replacement.

We provide short term and long term solutions, depending on your requirements, helping to prevent leakages and improve future integrity.

We offer structural steel repairs, pipeline repairs and leak sealing services.

Composite wrapping offers important advantages by:

  • Reducing the need for costly steel replacements
  • Minimising repair time
  • Providing fast and adaptable systems
  • Minimising shutdown time
  • Stopping leakage
  • Providing emergency response

Composite wrapping is a targeted and effective solution which can extend the asset life.


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