SafeZone Positive Pressure Habitats

The new generation of positive pressure habitats.
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We provide both ATEX and IECEX certified positive pressure habitats for use in hazardous areas.

We use a modular system that can create a safe working environment around the most complex areas. Intricate pipework, valves and beams can all be accommodated whilst allowing full access in a completely sealed area.

Our highly trained operatives ensure that the habitats are assembled to the ATEX and IECEX standards, for safe use in hazardous zones (1 and 2). In addition, we can provide many of the services that you might require within the habitat itself.

Our sophisticated system delivers everything you need to set up a safe environment in one box: no additional modules, units or add-ons. It is portable, light and cost effective to transport, as well as reducing set up time.

We can provide you with an all-encompassing service solutions within the habitat including welding, plating, pipe fitting, corrosion management, reducing the cost and time spent performing time critical integrity activities. Our multi-discipline teams will perform all the work helping you to cut spending with no compromise to safety.


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