Operations & Maintenance

Fully scalable service that keeps your asset operating reliably and minimises maintenance costs.
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Good O&M is founded on great people that understand your asset and what you want from it. Our service starts with providing strong experienced people, a competent pool of fully skilled and certified manpower who can deliver top performance.

From this foundation we can offer additional support, taking a managed service approach that builds responsibility all the way up to operating partnerships where we are fully committed, sharing risk and responsibility for the performance of your asset.

At all levels our goal is the same: to provide you with complete assurance that your asset is in safe hands.

From new developments to ageing assets we have the experience to make your investment a success, our late life philosophies look at maximising productivity and extending life without overspending on unnecessary maintenance. Some assets we are managing have more than doubled their expected life time.

Our duty holder responsibilities mean we are serious about both assessing and maintaining asset integrity. To provide this assurance we carry out detailed due diligence in connection with our studies function to leverage our experience and underscore any commitment.

We are able to draw on support from a variety of in house functions specialising in different areas of maintenance and integrity, giving you access to a comprehensive range of enhanced services with call-off flexibility.

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