Wood Group’s surveying crews offer a variety of services for pipeline, land, and other oil and gas-related facilities.
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Survey is one of the first and last tasks performed on a project. Wood Group’s survey crews are involved in the project execution lifecycle from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning.

Before a preliminary route map can be prepared, GPS control points should be set and a preliminary route survey performed to establish the proposed route and affected footprint. The survey data is used to design, permit, bid, and build pipelines and facilities for our clients. Capturing this data is critical as it is used to produce construction alignment sheets, permit drawings, easement plats and engineering detail design drawings. Our integrated process enables essential design data to be extracted from CAD files prior to the start of construction so the  proposed pipeline and facilities can be staked out prior to ensure the design precisely fits the ground as intended in engineering design.

During construction, an as-built survey provides an inventory of all materials installed for future tracibility and can be used subsequently to prepare the final as-built drawings and record information for GIS systems. Owner operators are required to maintain this information for regulatory audits and the operation of their pipeline and facilities. Wood Group’s survey services provide reliability for this record information, a critical capability to meet today’s increased emphasis on pipeline safety and integrity.

As your partner, we provide all mapping and surveys to customers’ guidelines, using state-of-the-art technologies such as electronic field books, total station and global positioning systems (GPS). We provide data file formats that can be used in computer drafting and integrated into existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Being part of a multi-discipline firm allows us to offer many cost saving advantages. These synergies increase efficiencies and eliminate hidden third-party coordination costs and delays.

Services include:

  • Route reconnaissance
  • Preliminary and boundary surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • River Crossings
  • Construction staking
  • As-built surveys
  • Environmental Support Surveys