Repair Orders

UK based specialist multi-skilled service to target and rapidly turnaround your repair order backlog
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Repairs have come full circle

Repair orders are a fact of life. Things get used, things wear out, things break down and need fixing, replacing or upgrading. Even a well maintained asset will regularly generate repair orders which left unaddressed can mount up to a significant backlog.

Wood Group has set up a team of specialists dedicated to tackling repair orders, a completely new group that has taken a clean sheet approach to managing, solving and delivering repair orders across our UK business.

Why 360o?

Every aspect has been looked at and overhauled; our philosophy is one of constant assessment, we’re checking the work and checking the process behind the work. Our goal is to drive the greatest efficiencies quickly back into the cycle to properly impact the bottom line. With each job we will be building a more complete picture of the asset, the customer and the needs of the project so that we can streamline the process further. Improving all the way round the process, that’s the 360o way.

A complete service

We’ve hand-picked a very particular set of skills and behaviours to create a distinct culture that looks specifically at repair orders with a different mind-set. We’ve expanded the skills of each team member with a deeper understanding of overlapping functions. This means we can integrate survey, design, engineering, and procurement in each person, allowing us to expedite the work more effectively whilst reducing personnel on board.

The bottom line

Faster turnaround saves you money, fixed costs save you money, streamlined systems save you money. With this dedicated team we have been able to deliver significant savings over the typical cost of a repair order and benchmark total installed cost reductions against our competitors. We have consistently returned savings of over 50% and expect to improve on this further.


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