Pipeline Services

Wood Group is a global leader in subsea pipelines with over 35 years’ experience in cutting-edge engineering and delivery solutions for pipeline and subsea developments.
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We combine practical engineering with an inventive approach to bring our independent and solutions-focused capability to the table.

Engaging in all aspects of offshore pipeline work, our expertise covers large scale projects to in depth consultancy work; concept design and front end engineering to detail design, operations and decommissioning. 

We tackle and resolve the toughest industry challenges such as high operational temperatures and pressures, deep/ultra-deep waters and critical environmental conditions.

Our people are experts in their fields and focus on creating and sustaining value for our customers. We implement industry-leading software packages and engineering analysis tools developed in-house.

We have a proven track record as the industry leading subsea pipeline design specialist. We have a history of applying new technology that improves the value of subsea developments, through a range of joint industry projects and internal technical developments.