All-of-facility integrity management system.
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NEXUS Integrity Centre (NEXUS IC) is a flexible world-class asset integrity management software suite on which frameworks can be built for any asset type.  It is designed to cater for all-of-facility integrity needs and integrate with leading CMMS systems to reduce data duplication and improve productivity.

NEXUS IC is used to create and maintain asset, inspection and anomaly data records and to perform real-time calculations on defect assessment, remaining life and risk in line with codes, standards and corporate rules. NEXUS IC allows for the set up of a comprehensive asset register and framework for managing information for any asset type or inspection methodology which then enables:

  • Storage of live asset information during operation
  • Storage of inspection, monitored and survey data
  • Anomaly tracking from initial discovery to close out
  • Traffic lighting integrity status from anomalies and risk based analysis
  • Function builder for statistical and mathematical functions to calculate, predict and assess integrity
  • Routines to assist with scheduling maintenance and inspection campaigns from anomaly and historical actions
  • Routines to automate reporting on current integrity status and integrity management strategy

The inherent connection capability within NEXUS IC means that it can interface, use and update information in a wide range of different systems, eg. SAP and other CMMS systems, GIS systems and historian systems.


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