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Virtuoso® is our field-proven suite of engineering software products for real-time, online simulation of oil & gas production operations and virtual well flow metering. It also supports offline functions for performing rigorous engineering simulations as well as integrated operator training applications. Our purpose-built software solutions provide a variety of operational and commercial functionalities based on the unique challenges of each installation.

Over the last 20 years, we have deployed 100+ Virtuoso® systems for offshore / onshore black oil and gas condensate operations worldwide and have been widely used for the following applications:

  • virtual multiphase flow metering and allocation
  • well integrity and performance surveillance
  • well optimization and programmed well operating guideline control
  • Operator Training System (OTS), including options for VP Link
  • Engineering Simulator – to develop operating procedures, study control philosophy, plan future expansions, and training
  • production process flow management and analytics, including rampup, shutdown, startup, operations forecasting and optimization
  • asset and pipeline management, performance monitoring and control, including operating pressure and temperature envelope, slugging and liquid holdup, linepack, leak detection and location, flow restriction or blockage detection, scraper / pig tracking and forecasting
  • flow assurance advisory, including wax formation, hydrate propensity, corrosion hot spot monitoring, chemical inhibitor dosage and concentration tracking
  • production meter balancing and reconciliation
  • upstream / topside process control and optimization, including separator, pump and compressor
  • gas processing plant blending and optimization
  • field instrument analytics and failure detection

Today, Virtuoso® is used to help manage the world’s key gas resources, fueling 10% of the global consumption of this vital commodity.

Wood Group’s Virtuoso® software suite includes offline packages such as:

  • Virtuoso/ES - Engineering Simulator
  • Virtuoso/OTS - Operator Trainer System

The Virtuoso® online packages include:

  • Virtuoso/VMS - Virtual Metering System®
  • Virtuoso/Monitor - Operations Monitoring
  • Virtuoso/LDS – Leak Detection System
  • Virtuoso/Advise - Operations Advisory
  • Virtuoso/Optimise - Operations Optimization
  • Virtuoso/Control - Operations Closed-Loop Control with SCADA/DCS
  • Virtuoso/Analytics - Data Analysis & Processing

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